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'One Big Happy' S01E05 Recap: A Tale of 2 Hubbies

Two husbands and twice the trouble. Story by @ErikaAshley Luke, Lizzie and Prudence ready themselves for a trip to Vegas to celebrate Luke and Prudence’s 2 month anniversary. Luke admires Lizzie’s “carefree” decision to join them after 2 weeks of preparation and Lizzie congratulates him on his miniscule anniversary. The group goes to the chapel where the couple tied the knot and finds the place in shambles. When they asked what happened in such a short period of time an employee informs them that none of the weddings or marriage licenses were legal as the chapel was just a front for the mob. Shocked and afraid of being deported Prudence freaks out because they only have a week to really get married before her visa expires. Lizzie chimes in that she’ll help them plan a great real wedding and Luke agrees. He gets down on one knee and proposes to Prudence with a gummy fruit ring. Back at home Lizzie toots her own horn for being the best Wedding Planner and Best Man becau

One Big Happy S01E04 Recap: Flight Risk

The modern tale of two wives and one idiot. Story by @ErikaAshley Lizzie triumphantly announces her morning sickness stage of pregnancy seems to be over but is tested when Prudence offers her toast with gooseberry jam. Luke tells her to hold herself together because if she gags he gags and Lizzie does her best to keep a straight face. Prudence apologizes for mentioning the jam looking like phlegm and kicks starts the duo’s gag reflex. They stand around trying to contain their disgust but Prudence doesn’t help when she shows them the blood sausage that accompanies her breakfast. Later Lizzie plans her monthly trip to the farmer’s market and Prudence runs in exclaiming her excitement for the hump back whales that are mating in the bay. She suggests the group goes to watch the festivities but Lizzie passes on the trip. Prudence admits she’s been feeling bored and wants to have an adventure. The group heads out to the farmer’s market per Lizzie’s instructions and Prudence seems ob

One Big Happy S01E03 Recap: Crushing It

Everything’s coming up Lizzy, or is it? Story by @ErikaAshley Luke and Prudence give Lizzy great news that Luke was able to get her an appointment with her dream OBGYN doctor, Dr. Levine by lying and letting him win a game of hoops. Lizzy thanks Luke with a graciously long hug and round of high-fives while Prudence stands awkwardly to the side trying to get in on the action. Later the trio head to their gym and Lizzy stumbles upon her gym crush, an inflexible brunette. Luke and Prudence try to push Lizzy to take a chance and talk to her gym crush when Prudence arranges for the girl to use the treadmill next to Lizzy. Lizzy and her crush walk alongside each other making small talk when her crush introduces herself as Kate and accidently falls off the treadmill while attempting to shake Lizzy’s hand. Lizzy jumps off the treadmill and tries to help her up and Kate runs off embarrassed. Later the gang meets up at the Luke’s Bowling Alley to help Lizzy break the ice and figure

One Big Happy S01E02 Recap - Out of the Closet

Lizzy’s out of the closet and into the fire. Story by @ErikaAshley This week we find Prudence and Luke canoodling in the kitchen when Lizzy enters the room greeting them with good mornings. Prudence has made Lizzy a traditional English breakfast full of bangers and mash to nourish the new mom. She also announces that her things have finally arrived from England when Lizzy has a mild OCD induced panic attack at seeing the clutter filled living room. Luke reminds Lizzy that he's very thankful for her being such a great friend and roommate after allowing Prudence to move in and feel welcome in her new home. Lizzy agrees to allow Prudence to move her stuff in and Prudence suggests she keep most of her items in the front closet. Lizzy quickly detests and Luke fills Prudence in on the closet situation stating that closet houses the belongings of Lizzy's ex-girlfriend, Erica, although they have been broken up for 3 years. Prudence decides to help Lizzy get over Erica bec

One Big Happy S01E01 Recap: Pilot

Why have a Modern Family when you can have One Big Happy ? Story by @ErikaAshley This highly anticipated new sitcom produced by Ellen Degenerous finally debuted this past Tuesday night on NBC. The show features two childhood best friends, Luke and Lizzy, cohabitating in an apartment and living out their long time promise. Luke as the perpetual bachelor and Lizzy the OCD control freak lesbian. The promise that if they both make it to 30 years old without a significant other and child they would have each other’s offspring and raise the child together. Because you know, that’s real life. The show begins at a pharmacy where Luke and Lizzy stop to pick up some pre-natal vitamins and some new pregnancy tests and offers too much information to the checker about her lesbian trying to conceive plan. Lizzy confirms that Luke is still willing to be the father of her child even though he has commitment issues and he reassures her he’s so ready to be a dad for her child. They get