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Movie Review: 'The Revenant'

The Revenant is a brutal, brilliant, and stirring survival epic. Review by Matt Cummings It's not too often that Actor Leonardo DiCaprio gets up-staged by a fellow cast member. A favorite among SJF writers, DiCaprio has enjoyed well-earned center stage status in too many Oscar shoe-ins throughout his bountiful career. And while others might best him in The Revenant , the epic is brutal, gripping, and stirring, cementing its director as A-List, even if it denies DiCaprio his first Oscar. Set some 20 years after the famous journey of Lewis and Clark, the mostly peaceful west they mapped is a now different world. Invaded by fur trappers and low-life frontiersmen, native tribes like the Arrikara and Pawnee wage an unwinnable war of scalpings and brutal sneak attacks. Caught between these two worlds is Hugh Glass (DiCaprio), who's guiding a group of trappers home with their pelts, when a tribe looking for a stolen woman attacks Glass' camp. After a vicious arrow