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Enter For A Chance To Win Passes To See Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One In Phoenix

Jason Statham To Star In Heat Remake

Don’t panic, Michael Mann fans: Brian De Palma and Jason Statham are not planning the unthinkable by cooking up a new version of his classic crime pic. Nope, the Heat they are actually planning to remake is a 1986 Burt Reynolds drama. The plot will find Statham play a recovering gambling addict who remains on the fringes of the circuit providing protection to players who can afford his services. His quirk is he refuses to use a gun, sticking to his fists and a few trusty knives. But then a friend is nearly killed in a beating from a mobster, and our hero swears revenge. William Goldman adapted the original screenplay from his 1985 book (which trivia fans may wish to note was published over here as Edged Weapons), and he’s back on writing duty this time around, updating the tale to the present day. So could it be called Reheated? This isn’t the first time Statham’s filled someone else’s shoes in remake territory: last year saw him taking on a former Charles Bronson role in The

Paranormal Activity 2 Original Cast To Return?

Paranormal Activity 2 Original Cast To Return? The hot news around Hollywood is when is the sequel to the surprise hit " Paranormal Activity" going to be made? The studio has had some issues getting the original director back for the film. As this moment Oren Peli is working on a film called "Area 51" at least for now, so that would count him out. Next up was "Saw VI" director Kevin Greutert was set to direct then Jigsaw pulled him back into the Saw Franchise. And there are rumors that Brian De Palma may have been approached to direct. MTV had a chance to talk to "Paranormal Activity" star Micah Sloat on the red carpet at the 2010 Independent Spirit Awards and asked to set the record straight: "I know a lot, I can't tell you--" he said, cracking into a smile before adding, "Well, just a little." Has anyone seen the film? Or did Micah Sloat let the cat out of the bag? "All I can tell you is I'm very excited for