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Exclusive Interview With Jean Brassard From #FaultInOurStars

We had the chance to interview Jean Brassard from the film Fault in our Stars . We talk sad films, realistic romance and Dom Perignon with Fault in Our Stars actor Jean Brassard. What’s the saddest film you’ve ever seen? Now there’s a big question to start with! I’d have to say in the last few decades, Brokeback Mountain and Sophie’s Choice. But also, another great adaptation is the movie Waterland, adapted from Graham Swift’s novel. Haunting and heartbreaking. Some describe this film as not so much a sad movie as one of hope. Would you agree? I think it’s a movie about inner strength and connection between people. About being able to deal with the present no matter what the present how hard it can be. That is true of all the characters in the movie to me, allowing oneself to experience the gamut of emotions that it sometimes mean. And to share with the ones you love. And it has a great dose of defiance as well. That’s what dreamers do, don’t they, defy? So I guess th