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TV Recap: Supernatural "Thinman" Season 9 Episode 15

TV Recap: Supernatural "Thinman" Season 9 Episode 15 By: Sue Tonight we’re taking a little break from the angel conflict and the Ghostfacers are back, so prepare for plenty of laughs and hopefully some ghost hunting ridiculousness. Selfie photo marathon complete with duck faces reveal someone in the girl’s room. She hides in her closet when the lights go out, because of course that’s going to be a safe place. She calls 911, but its too late, he fills the closet with blood. Dean shows Sam a picture of the wallflower killer. He prepares to go with Dean to investigate. In Springdale, Washington Casey’s mother is questioned by the boys. The bloodstains remain on the girl’s carpet, and she had no known enemies. Everything around the home seemed normal, except for cold spots. The police have come up with nothing, but her mother has called some Supernaturalists, they’re coming by today to take a look. The Supernaturalists happen to be some familiar faces the Ghostface

Exclusive Warner Bros. TV To Invade WonderCon

Exclusive Warner Bros. TV To Invade WonderCon If you are making you way to WonderCon this weekend make sure to stop by and check out the Exclusive content that WBTV is bringing all of us. I will be attending the press round tables on Sunday where I will have the chance to interview the cast of Chuck and Human Target and bring you some inside secrets from both shows. So make sure you come back to read my Exclusive interviews with the cast of both shows. Now some detail about the upcoming event. Warner Bros. Television (WBTV) proudly presents an exclusive opening-night screening event, continuing its Preview Night tradition from Comic-Con International: San Diego. At WonderCon 2010, WBTV will screen episodes from three of its most buzzed-about series: “ Fringe ,” “ Human Target ” and “ V .” Fans will also get a sneak peek of the first three episodes of “ Ghostfacers ,” a shortform digital brand extension of the hit CW/Warner Bros. Television series “Supernatural.” The screening e