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#FLAWLESS Starring ROBERT DE NIRO On Blu-ray For The First Time May 19th

FLAWLESS FIRST TIME EVER ON BLU-RAY! When the once highly decorated police officer Walter Koontz ( Robert De Niro , Casino) suffers a stroke while attempting to aid a neighbor, an unorthodox form of therapy is prescribed to help him overcome a resulting speech impediment. The suggested therapy becomes even more unorthodox when Walter asks his neighbor, Rusty ( Philip Seymour Hoffman , Capote), a flamboyant drag queen with musical talent (and the past recipient of Walter’s ire) for help. The unlikely arrangement soon mellows into a grudging friendship in writer/director Joel Schumacher ’s Flawless. Flawless features supporting performances by Wilson Jermaine Heredia (Rent), Barry Miller (Saturday Night Fever, The Last Temptation of Christ) and Chris Bauer (Face/Off, TV’s True Blood). Starring: ROBERT DE NIRO (1900, Casino, Goodfellas, The Godfather Part 2) PHILIP SEYMOUR HOFFMAN (Capote, Mission Impossible 3) WILSON JERMAINE HEREDIA (Rent, Nailed) Directed by: JOEL

Val Kilmer The Best Batman Ever According To Joel Schumacher

Earlier this week, IFC spoke to " Trespass " director Joel Schumacher about Christopher Nolan 's record-breaking run with Batman -- a character near and dear to his heart after he made not one but two films featuring the DC Comics icon. While Schumacher's first adventure with Batman was a box-office success -- 1995's " Batman Forever " -- his 1997 " Batman & Robin " sequel didn't fare as well. Along with near-universal negative reviews, the film failed to perform at the box office and eventually became known as the film that "killed" the Batman franchise (until Nolan came along, of course). "Sequels are made for one reason," Schumacher told IFC during an interview promoting his new film "Trespass" with Nicolas Cage. "Because 'Batman Forever' was an unexpected sensation, and the second-biggest grossing movie for the whole year, and everyone made so much money out of 'Batman Forever,&#