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Hope Your Ready For Austin Powers 4. Cause It's On It's Way

Are you ready for another Austin Powers movie? I sure am not. Yeah the first two movies were funny but over played.   Mike Myers has had a pretty bad streak lately, Love Guru need I say more.   Shrek has been movie in the bank for him and small part in Quentin Tarantino's " Inglourious Basterds , now Hitfix is reporting that Mike Myers just closed his deal to return to the role. Yep. " Austin Powers 4 " is coming, officially. No word yet on who will be directing. I would hope Jay Roach returns as well, since I think a lot of the kick of the films is the '60s pop aesthetic, and Roach has been a big part of that since day one. There's also no word yet on a proposed storyline, but I will certainly start digging to see what I can come up with. Please Leave A Comment-

Inglourious Basterds Prequel In The Works

Inglourious Basterds Prequel In The Works This weekend, we met with Quentin Tarantino, who was still in town after a MoMA Q&A with Elvis Mitchell this past Thursday. As if the weekend's snowstorm wasn’t inconvenience enough, his Hugo Boss coat — which contained his I.D., credit cards, and about $2,000 in cash — was stolen from the West Village bar Galway Hooker on Saturday. Taking pity on him, we paid for some French-vanilla lattes and mimosas the next day, and took the opportunity to ask him about his next film project and how Germans and Israelis perceived Inglourious Basterds. So, are we in for an Inglourious Basterds prequel? Apparently not yet — even though Tarantino says he has 40 pages of it written. He’s not giving up on the idea or the script, especially if the original film does well at the awards shows. But he’s got another project, which he’s keeping under wraps, coming first. It’s going to be “smaller, less epic” in scale than Basterds, and in a “different genre en

Inglorious Bastards Movie Review

Inglorious Bastards Movie Review Review By:Chocolate Thunder This film is classic Tarantino . Inglorious Bastards starts off in Tarantino fashion giving us the credits in the beginning, with the cool 80's soundtrack playing. Also in Tarantino fashion the movie has a few different story lines in it that keeps you bouncing around the movie, but never lost. The movies stars are Brad Pitt as Lt Aldo Raine, Christoph Waltz as Col. Hans Landa, and Melanie Laurent as Shosanna Dreyfus. The story imcumbuses the three lives into one explosive ending. There are some lovable characters that help to make the movie memorable. There are some very great moments of violence that get graphic, so if you are squemish, cover your eyes every now and then. Last thing, subtitles are all through the movie, if you dont speak German, French, or italian get ready to read. I give it 8 Sandwichs out of 10 Please leave Comment-

Is the Weinstein Brothers Ship Sinking?

Is the Weinstein Brothers Ship Sinking? I sure hope that Bob and Harvey Weinstein get their shit together. They have made some great movies in the past. But not putting any money behind them to promote the movies is Horse shit. You spend all this money to make the movie and then don't put anything into promoting it. Real Smart. Get it together and bring back the old magic that made this team on of the best out there. IN the wee hours of Friday morning, Quentin Tarantino stood in a West Village bar that had opened for him and his entourage — cast members of his new movie, “ Inglourious Basterds ,” and his longtime producers, Bob and Harvey Weinstein. Swinging a blue cocktail in one hand, he held forth about the time that Harvey told him he’d like to invest in a restaurant. The goal, Harvey explained to Mr. Tarantino at the time, wasn’t to schmooze, or to get the best table. New York City had just banned cigarettes from restaurants and Harvey, then an avid smoker, didn’t approve. “