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Nathan Fillion Added To James Gunn's "Super"

Nathan Fillion Added To James Gunn's "Super" Regular readers will know that we loves us some Nathan Fillion. So imagine our squealing, nerdy excitement when we learn that he's teaming up again with Slither creator James Gunn for the director's latest, superhero adventure" Super". And that's not all. If there's one thing Gunn is good at, it's playing to the crowd, and his latest casting announcement is one heaping load of geek bait after another. Not only is Fillion signing on to play the pop icon who inspires an ordinary bloke (Rainn Wilson) to try his hand at heroism), but the likes of Scooby Doo's Linda Cardellini, Slither's Michael Rooker, and The Wire's Andre Royo have also been aded to the line up. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Nathan Fillion will indeed be in the same cast as Bubbles. Super, as mentioned, follows a regular joe named Frank who sets out on a mission to become a superhero named Crimson Bolt, albeit one armed not w