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Alvin Sargent To Lend A Hand To Spider-Man Reboot

Alvin Sargent To Lend A Hand To Spider-Man Reboot The veteran screenwriter (and repeat Spidey scribe) has been brought on board to fine-tune Columbia’s "Spider-Man" reboot being directed by Marc Webb. The studio is working off a script by Jamie Vanderbilt, who wrote “Zodiac” and a draft of “Spider-Man 4” before the studio scrapped its plans for the sequel to re-start the series. Sargent is doing a production polish as the studio runs with eight legs toward a planned shoot later this year. Sargent, 83, is practically part of the Peter Parker family, having worked on every single “Spider-Man” movie. The acclaimed writer of hefty dramas like 1980s “Ordinary People” and 1973’s “Paper Moon" has become the studio’s go-to guy for punching up weighty scenes. The new “Spider-Man” is rumored to be more emotionally anchored and realistic than the previous movies. Word is that Peter Parker will be a 17-year-old high school kid struggling with shifting hormones and an outsider s