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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Man Of Steel Review. An Uninformed Silly Girl Review

Man Of Steel Review
By: AprilSpice

Looks like we will start getting a females point of view with April reviewing films for the site.

Wonder Con: Immortals Interview With Henry Cavill & Luke Evans-

Okay guys, I’m just going to be completely honest here. My intense knowledge of “Superman” in general pretty much begins and end’s with Dean Cain aka… the Superman of the nineties from the hit show “Lois and Clark”.I’m an 80′s baby and what teenage girl in the 90′s didn’t think Dean Cain was smokin’ as Superman?

Granted, I did see the 2006 “Superman Returns” on dvd and all I pretty much remember is that Kate Bosworth was really skinny and James Marsden was way hotter than the dude that played Superman (Brandon Routh for inquiring minds, yeah I don’t remember him either). While I do consider myself a girly girl, I DID have 2 older brothers, and was very well acquainted with Star Wars, GI Joe, He-Man and Super Heroes (particularly Batman, I had a viewing of ‘Batman and Robin’ at my 13th birthday party- Hello, Chris O’Donnell as Robin!) Since I got married, my husband and I have enjoyed keeping up with the various super hero movies. Spider man, X-Men, the NEW Batman Movies, Iron Man, (all them other Marvel comic ones) Avengers was awesome and so on.

Something else that made me giggle was when Superman's cape worked against him quite a few times (being thrown by it etc) and it made me think of 'The Incredible's".... "NO CAPES!" Disney Buffy's will know what I'm talking about!

I first heard there was going to be another Superman last summer at Comic Con when walking past the WB booth in the exhibit hall and there was a HUGE line with tons of security and Henry Cavill was signing autographs. I thought “Hmmm… He’s pretty cute” and got in trouble for stopping to try to take a picture of him. Which I succeeded in, albeit that it’s blurry. I honestly didn’t think another thought about it until the trailer came out a few months ago. I thought. “Whoa, That looks really good”, It looked pretty interesting!

So here is my very uninformed review, short and sweet and I know I will sound silly to all you comic book nerds, which I honestly don’t know how many of you follow us. I’m assuming most of you are like me who have a boyfriend or husband that want’s to go see it so this is what I’m gonna tell you.

HENRY CAVILL. Holy Wow on a Cracker.

Thankfully I watched enough ‘Lois and Clark’ to get the basic jest of the story and what was going on. Some of the beginning was kind of weird/freaky stuff. ( Growing babies in pods? Cal El (super man) was the first naturally conceived birth in like hundreds of years which is why he is so special) I really loved Russell Crowe in this, mainly because he was NOT singing. Kevin Costner was the most awesome human dad for little Clark Kent. There was one scene that my husband asked if he was going to take Clark to his ‘Field of Dreams’ though which made me giggle. They got THE cutest little boy/teenager to play him a young Clark. There is a flash back scene that was just to die for. Diane Lane is old. All I kept thinking when I saw her was her running up to Mark Whalberg in ‘The Perfect Storm’ and jumping him in booty shorts and how hot my husband thought she was…. uhhh like 13 years ago. Yup just dated myself. Amy Adam’s as Lois Lane was absolutely perfect. How can you not LOVE Amy Adam’s. She is by far one of my favorite actresses. Plenty of sexual tension, I wanted to scream “Just KISS already!” The Villain “General Zod” played by Michael Shannon was really great. Spoiler Alert: there is no “kryptonite” but the way they made him have a weakness worked.

So Lets get back to Henry Cavill. The man IS Superman. Literally he embodies him. His performance was absolutely fantastic and I’m pretty sure he has taken over as my favorite super-hero now. And lets discuss these muscles. And the Beard. And the Suit. And the Hair. And the teeth. Well. Maybe I should just let the rest of my review be in pictures and let it speak for itself. Fun Fact… He auditioned for ‘Edward’ in ‘Twilight’. Hmmm… Bottom line is- I thought it was great. I took my 8-year-old and 10-year-old daughters as well at 16-year-old nephew and they all loved it so I think it’s pretty safe to say that it can reach a broad audience! Go for a date with your man ladies! You won’t leave disappointed!

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