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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Dwayne Johnson Post First Concept Art From Upcoming Jumanji Film

With shooting kicking off soon in Hawaii, Dwayne Johnson has somewhat naturally been keeping the Jumanji promotional flame alive via his social media channels. And, via his Instagram page, The Rock has provided a look at concept art for his character, named Dr. Bravestone.

Yes, Dr. Bravestone. We firmly expect co-star Kevin Hart to show up as someone named Captain Wildheart or some such pun. The actual plot of the film – which Johnson keeps reminding us continues the story of the 1996 original, and doesn't reboot it – is for now locked away in a toy cupboard. But we do know it'll feature the reunion of Central Intelligence pair Johnson and Hart alongside Jack Black, Nick Jonas and recent addition Karen Gillan, who is playing the crucial role of someone named Martha. Cue Batman cameoing in the film, shouting, "why did you say that naaaame?"

With Jake Kasdan calling the shots, the new Jumanji (Newmanji?) is expected to unleash yet more animal mayhem from the mysterious board game, and has a release date set for July 28 next year.

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