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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Movie Review: #GLEASONMOVIE Review. Most Incredibly Moving Documentary Film.

Incredibly moving.

RAMA delivers another great review.

GLEASON is one of the most incredibly moving documentary films I’ve ever seen. A powerful tale of family and unconditional love. It’s a testament to the resilience of the human spirit. An absolute must-see.

Directed by Clay Tweel, GLEASON is about former NFL athlete; former New Orleans Saints hero/defensive back, Steve Gleason who got diagnosed with ALS and weeks shortly after that, he and his wife, Michel, are pregnant with their first child. The film chronicles the tumultuous years struggling through Steve’s declining physical condition all the while trying to keep it together for their son, Rivers. It’s an intimate portrait of what it feels like to be living with a loved one suffering from this disease, most other spouses would give up, but there’s something strong and inspiring about Steve and Michel’s marriage and parenthood.

I had the privilege of interviewing Steve’s wife, Michel about her experiences not just with this film but going day-to-day taking care of both Steve and Rivers and clearly from the film itself, this is not an easy task. Which is why I already have a mountain of respect for mothers everywhere but specifically for Michel who has to go that extra mile. GLEASON as a documentary, is very raw, very honest, the filmmakers have full access into Steve and Michel’s lives and so what we the audience get is a story that’s authentic and very human. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, GLEASON can evoke all kinds of emotions because Steve and Michel lay it all down on the table, there’s no hiding it, and despite the difficulties, they manage to go through them with good sense of humor, it doesn’t take a genius to see why these two are made for each other. The film does a good job of raising awareness about ALS especially to some of us audiences who may have been a bit ignorant on the matter, you’ll learn a lot from watching GLEASON but most importantly you’ll learn how far humans can go when we refuse to quit.

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