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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Tyrese's Returns In Transformers: The Last Knight

Michael Bay continues his efforts to mix old and new faces for his latest Transformers film, The Last Knight. Joining Josh Duhamel in returning from the first three movies is Tyrese Gibson, who is reprising his role as Robert Epps. Tyrese took to Instagram to make the announcement.

Tyrese Gibson and Michael Bay in Tyrese's Transformers: The Last Knight announcement

You might recall him as the Chief Master Sergeant and pal to Duhamel's William Lennox, who learned of the Transformers' existence in the first film and aided Optimus Prime and the rest in the subsequent films. They both sat out Age Of Extinction (insert joke here about "did they read the script, then?") but are back for The Last Knight. What will they be up to? We'd guess running, shooting, joking... that sort of thing.

Gibson joins Mark Wahlberg, back himself from Extinction alongside new franchise acquisitions Anthony Hopkins, Isabela Moner and Laura Haddock. The film, which Bay has been busy shooting in Cuba (briefly) and Detroit, will bother our cinemas on June 23 next year.

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