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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Daniel Craig & Halle Berry To Star In Kings

Mustang director Deniz Gamze Erguven has her next film all set up, with English-langue debut Kings already boasting Halle Berry. Now she has also locked in Daniel Craig to co-star.

Kings is set in the tense atmosphere of early 1990s Los Angeles; specifically the powder keg period following the Rodney King trial. Craig will be Ollie, a loner and one of the few white residents of a particular neighborhood in South Central. He meets and falls in love with Berry, whose character looks after a group of kids. Soon after, the riots roar across the city and the two have to work together to track down the kids and get them away from the worst of the violence, which spread across LA across through six days of clashes between residents and police.

According to Deadline, this is actually something of a passion project for Erguven – she pitched the idea back in 2011, but Mustang came together first, and earned an Oscar nomination. Now she'll be getting the movie made at last.

Berry is at work on Kingsman sequel The Golden Circle and has shot thriller Kidnap. Craig's status as James Bond is still up in the air, but he has signed on to Steven Soderbergh's Logan Lucky and TV series Purity.

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