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Friday, December 18, 2015

#GeekFuel Review: November 2015

November's Geek Fuel box feels a bit like meh.
Review by Matt Cummings
Subscription boxes are a tricky gamble these days. One month, a box soars to greatness (see Loot Crate's October box) only to hit frustrating lows the month before. The problem isn't always connection with what fans want, but the quality of the items inside. We can accept a well-crafted box with nothing we particularly like, but only if it contains quality and value that can allow us to either flip or give it to someone else without feeling like ghetto in doing so. This month's Geek Fuel box feels a bit like this, as if someone just wasn't on their geek game. Before diving in, let's review the details:
  • The cost for a Month to Month is $17.90, $16.90/month for a 3-month subscription, $15.90/month for a 6-month tour and just $13.90/month for a one-year subscription.
  • Shipping $6.00 to the US, Canada, and at least a few other countries.
  • Rather than spend time taking the thing apart, let's allow the pictures to show you why this one is definitely missing something, and we'll provide some additional thoughts at the end:
    I'm Still In...But with Conditions!
    Without a true theme, November's box felt scattered. Filled with only decent quality, Geek Fuel hits a bump in the road with a cool Star Wars shirt but little else. The Vault-Tec clip was nice as was the Ghostbusters cards, with little else feeling exclusive or valuable. In fact, I'll bet I could secure most of it from either Hot Topic or Spencer's. This is the danger of a monthly sub box, where the quality whipsaws between extremes. Fuel needs to step up with December in a big way, or I might have to consider other options. This box is not recommended.

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