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Limitless Movie Review By: SandwichJohn

Limitless Movie Review
By: SandwichJohn

Would you take a pill that made you smarter and make you have the power to use your brain to its full potential?

If you said "No" then you have to be a fool. I would take it in a heartbeat.

In this movie Bradley Cooper stars as Eddie Morra, a down on his luck writer who is loosing everything in his life. The guys has writers block so his book is getting nowhere and, what we all would expect next, his  girlfriend leaves him too.

Morra bumps into his ex-brother-in-law while wandering the streets of New York. While they go have a drink at the bar, Vernon Gant (Johnny Whitworth) offerers Morra a solution to all his problems. NZT, a pill that would allow him to use 100% of his brain. This movie follows the theory that people use only 20% of their brain and some even use less in my option.

Morra decides to give it a try and within minutes his life starts to change. It allows him to pretty much remember everything and anything that he has come in contact with.

He starts to take advantage of his new found gift, he finishes his book in four days, learns new languages, and becomes more cultured.

With this new knowledge he decides to take the quick money route and jump into the stock market game. He takes a short-term loan out from Russian loan-shark for $100,000 to help build some capital. And while this is all going on Eddie also gets back together with Lindy (Abbie Cornish) and they start their romance all over.

There are a few plot holes through out the film, but pretty much they work through them all with some really nice surprises. Like any drug that you take there is going to be side effects. He becomes sick, starts getting headaches and even reverts back to his old lazy self when he wasn't taking NZT.

Robert DeNiro stars as a Carl Van Loon, a powerful businessman that is so impressed with Morra that he offers him a job in his hedge fund firm.

Something so powerful always comes with a price and Morra starts to run very low on NZT and ends up paying a chemist to produce more of it, which only gives him more problems.

Morra goes on a wild ride throughout the city of New York, doing things that you have to see in the film trailer. He literally turns into a young Hugh Hefner. Everyone wants to be around him, men and women.

The one big disappointment that I had with the film was a key scene where Morra was attacked by the Russian mob in his apartment. Will not go into more detail, but when did this become a vampire film?

All said and done, we get to see Morra a year later, his book is a best seller, and he is running for the United States Senate and a potential candidate for the United States Presidency. In the midst of his Senate campaign, far fetched yes, but a good way to end the film.

7 out of 10 Sandwiches.

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