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Monday, August 8, 2016

Jimmy Smits Will Return In Rogue One

While the team behind Rogue One: A Star Wars Story might prefer to keep all the movie's secrets under wraps until release, there's no accounting for eagle-eyed folk pausing trailers and sizzle reels to find details. Such as Jimmy Smits reprising his role as Bail Organa – Princess Leia's adoptive father – in the film.

Jokingly confronted with the screen grab while appearing on US morning chat show The Talk (we'll embed the video at the bottom, but it might suffer from geolocking outside the States), Smits looked shocked that anyone would have spotted the brief glimpse, but then demurred (probably worried about Disney activating the poison pill in his leg if he says too much), before confirmed through humour, talking about "cameos" and "small parts."

So while we don't know what Senator Organa will be doing in the film, it might not be that much. Still, it could represent some more screen time for a man who appeared in Attack Of The Clones, Revenge Of The Sith and in animated form in both Clone Wars and Rebels.

In related trailer (and screen grabbing) news, the new teaser for Rogue One will reportedly make an appearance on Thursday, launching on TV during the Olympic coverage and likely to be online around the same time.

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