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Monday, August 15, 2016

Bad Boys For Life Will Be Released In 2018

The saga of a third (and potentially fourth) Bad Boys movie continues, with some actual good news. Joe Carnahan remains attached to wrangle Will Smith's Detective Mike Lowery and Martin Lawrence's Detective Marcus Burnett back into action for a third dose of action and quips, and the third movie now has a new title: Bad Boys For Life.

One thing it doesn't have any more is a 2017 release date: this movie has had a history of missing potential dates, most recently shifting from February 17 next year to June 2. Now Sony has pencilled in January 12, 2018 as the next potential spot.

Carnahan was brought in last year after several previous script drafts tried to generate a workable movie, but nothing came together, a process also not helped by Will Smith's busy schedule. Now, though, it looks like Bad Boys For Life (a reference to a line in Bad Boys II) might finally make an appearance. As for that floating, potential fourth movie? It took aim at a July 2019 release, and Sony still has it on the books, but no one yet knows if the move of the third will impact the fourth.

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