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Friday, July 8, 2016

Blu-ray Review: #Jarhead3

The Direct-to-Video release doesn't make a strong case for consideration.

Review by Matt Cummings

The Direct-to-Video release of Jarhead 3: The Siege is one example of why VOD and the secondary release market has a long way to go before anyone will pay attention. First, it's highly likely that few people ever watched the sequel to the quite good 2005 flick with Jake Gyllenhall - who ran as far away from this franchise as he could - which tells you right there what we're talking about. Jarhead 3 is little more than a series hoping desperately to become a franchise, but utterly lacks the tools on which to built such dreams. And while it sounds good and looks OK, the story focusing on new marine Evan Albright (Charlie Weber) who struggles to maintain his identity in the Marine Corps while a long-thought-dead terrorist assaults an under-protected embassy - just isn't the Jarhead I remember. That was a thought-provoking film about what the military can do to its soldiers and the price they pay for such 'modifications.' None of that is here, replaced with big explosions and silly action, but branding itself from the same universe. Too bad.

The video and audio are good but not great, perhaps the best parts of this release. Colors look good, as does detail (although there is some issue with depth in CGI scenes. The audio is fairly strong, with plenty of room for all the big dumb explosions that occur throughout. Still, it's not reference quality in the least, so don't expect something like Saving Private Ryan.There's also the suggestion that there are two versions of this film on the disc. While that's the case, I didn't notice significant differences here, short of some action scenes which looked slightly differences. Perhaps the disc was accidentally pressed with the same version?

The Supplements are barely that, with Making 'Jarhead 3: The Siege': (7:02), which is a typical EPK featurette. It provides with very little insight into why this series has continued.

In the end, I'd skip Jarhead 3: The Siege, as there are plenty of great war films you should add to your collection first. And even then I'd skip this one, even if you find it in the discount bin within three months, which is the best one could hope from this disappointing release.

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