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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Dwayne Johnson To Deliver Boost Unit

The day might come when Dwayne Johnson is announcing so many projects or updates, he has his own news channel (the Rock Rolling News Service?) For now though, he’s just sticking to, say, one a day, and is now touting a police drama called Boost Unit according to Empire.

Sounding a little like it wants to be the Fast & Furious of the small screen, Boost Unit will see a notorious getaway driver with a hidden past recruited to the Los Angeles Police Department’s Auto Theft Task Force. “We’re bringing to life the high stakes street pursuits and grueling work of this very specialized elite task force and we’re excited to partner with Imperative Entertainment to combine an epic mix of gripping action and sophisticated storytelling,” says Johnson. “I've had a lot of bad ass fun in the Fast & Furious franchise and this show will capture that kind of intense and entertaining action based off of the real life individuals who make up one of the most bad ass (and underground) street units of the LAPD.”

There’s no casting for the series yet, which is still at an early stage, but the Fox network has ordered an initial script to be written by Jonny Umansky and Zach Hyatt and Heroes creator Tim Kring is aboard to co-produce with Johnson and business partner Dany Garcia. Though Johnson won’t be starring in this one – he’s a little busy working on various movies, HBO show Ballers and spending time on social media chronicling his workout regime – we’d expect him to potential show up for a cameo if the series goes ahead.

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