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Frank Whaley Cast As Detective Rafael Scarfe In Luke Cage

The cast is building quickly now for the Marvel/Netflix Luke Cage series: part of the interlocking Defenders quartet that also includes Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Iron Fist. Mike Colter is Luke Cage (AKA Power Man), with Alfre Woodward, Theo Rossi and Mahershala Ali signed up for other roles. And now there's also Frank Whaley (Pulp Fiction, Under The Dome) who'll be carrying a badge as Detective Rafael Scarfe.

Straight from the comics, Scarfe works for the NYPD and is a regular fixture in stories featuring Luke Cage and Iron Fist/Danny Rand (his first appearance was in an Iron Fist issue, "The Name Is Warhawk", in 1975). He used to be Misty Knight's partner before she quit the force to form half of The Daughters Of The Dragon (who frequently teamed up with Cage and Rand as the Heroes For Hire). Scarfe went over to the dark side with some other corrupt cops in the Daredevil event series Shadowland.

Lots of crossover potential then, with the strong likelihood that Whaley will find a place in the Iron Fist series too. Rosario Dawson, similarly, will show up in Luke Cage as Claire Temple, having also been a Daredevil semi-regular.

Luke Cage is shooting as we speak, and should arrive on Netflix sometime next year, probably after the second season of Daredevil. Jessica Jones will make her debut before both in November of this year.

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