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Zachary Levi To Star In The Kurt Warner Story

Next 24 Will Be Mostly Bauerless

Jack to become a part-timer.

By Brandon Wolfe

TVLine has broken the news, previously only rumored, that Fox’s next 24 event series will revolve around a new hero rather than Kiefer Sutherland’s Jack Bauer. The idea is that Bauer would still pop up sporadically as a guest star, according to executive producer Howard Gordon.

The new terrorist-hunting agent will work alongside a more experienced female agent (though not Kate Morgan, Yvonne Strahovski’s character from last year’s Live Another Day). Though this new 24 will launch as an event series, it could turn into a regular series eventually.

Perhaps there was a time when 24 could have neatly spun-off like this, earlier in the show’s original run (24: Miami, perhaps), but 14 years on, Jack Bauer is the only aspect of this franchise anyone remains invested in. Creating an entirely new character out of whole cloth (otherwise known as the Speed 2 approach), rather than building it around, say, Carlos Bernard’s fan favorite Tony Almeida, gives us no one familiar to rally around. This news could only be met as welcome if Jack’s limited involvement were due to that 24 movie that’s been rumored forever finally getting off the ground. Otherwise, tons of fans are going to clock out for good.

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