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Saturday, February 18, 2012



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Finally! A Valentine’s season movie that guys, who don’t care much for mushy lovey-duvey things, can also enjoy! THIS MEANS WAR is a blast! Chris Pine and Tom Hardy provide the action, and America’s sweetheart Reese Witherspoon provides the rom-com, with funnygirl Chelsea Handler who gets A+ in my book for being a great comic relief. Nice comeback by director McG who disappointed us back in 2009 with Terminator Salvation..

In the film, Chris Pine and Tom Hardy portray the world’s deadliest CIA operatives, as well as inseparable partners and best friends… until they fall for the same woman (Reese Witherspoon). Having once helped bring down entire enemy nations, they are now employing their incomparable skills and an endless array of high-tech gadgetry against their greatest nemesis ever – each other.

If you’ve come to get purely entertained, nothing more, nothing less, then you’ve come to see the right movie, THIS MEANS WAR is spy vs. spy hilarity, non-stop laughs, physical humor that mixes Bond-esque gadgets with tug of war competition. And when you cut it right in half, you’d find that it’s also a buddy comedy, on one hand you have Pine-Hardy, and on the other Witherspoon-Handler.

This movie’s got so much energy to last a century, the action sequences are far-fetched and ridiculous and they feel animated but they’re exciting and fun to watch, they become some sort of a vehicle that takes FDR (Pine) and Tuck (Hardy) from best of friends into two people who could no longer be in the same room, and if they are, it’s only a matter of minutes before all kinds of objects around them start to break.
Everybody’s going to be enchanted by the two good looking guys and cutie Reese Witherspoon as Lauren, but I think Chelsea Handler is this film’s secret weapon, at first you may see her character, Trish, as that typical annoying best friend who encourages you to do bad just so she could gloat in either your accomplishment or failure but Handler’s character serves more purpose than just that.

THIS MEANS WAR could’ve easily gone south but luckily the humor works, it fires from left and right, unexpectedly and you’d find yourself cracking up every single time. It’s not one of those that starts out strong and then goes downhill, It never goes stale, from start to finish the humor is fresh and constant. Whether it be dating humor, sex humor or testosterone humor, THIS MEANS WAR stays genuinely funny.
You will laugh out loud at the creative covert ops to gather intel about what Lauren likes or dislikes, not to mention the way each side tries to sabotage the other’s secret mission.

I think the script is smart, not only does it present this relationship dilemma but it presents it in a way that somewhat makes fun of how people often play dating game, by comparing people, everybody is at fault here because Tuck and FDR lie to Lauren and Lauren lie to both of them. The two guys represent this ancient masculinity that’s very basic, who gets to have the loudest roar, who gets to better impress the lady. The covert ops that Desperately trying to read what their woman wants eventually turns each of them into someone they’re not and friendship becomes the victim and collateral damage.

I’m aware that there are rom-coms out there you just can’t stand but if you give THIS MEANS WAR a shot, you’ll find that this particular rom-com makes for a great dating movie on a Saturday night, the perfect blend of action and comedy.

GRADE: 4 out of 5

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