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LAMB Review 'Weirdly Special Movie'

Kyle Chandler To Star In Broken City

He was last seen trying to keep his son and the lad’s friends from being menaced by a marauding alien (and the US army) in Super 8, but for his next trick, Kyle Chandler is going to dabble in politics, joining the cast of Allen Hughes’ thriller Broken City.

Mark Wahlberg is starring as a Noo Yoik detective hired by a powerful local mayor (Russell Crowe) to find out who has been having it away with his wife (Catherine Zeta Jones).

But when Wahlberg eventually tracks down the man, the lover suddenly turns up dead and the detective starts to delve into a far darker conspiracy.

Barry Pepper is also aboard, playing a mayoral candidate who is challenging Crowe, and Chandler will be one of the main players in his campaign. Griffin Dunne, James Ransone, Jeffrey Wright, Justin Chambers and Alona Tal are all in the cast.

Hughes is busy shooting the film right now, which has a US release date set for January 18, 2013.

Chandler has been doing rather well for himself since getting plenty of notice (and a surprise Emmy win this year) for his work on TV drama Friday Night Lights. He’ll next be seen in Ben Affleck’s hostage drama Argo.

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