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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

IMMORTALS Movie Review By: Rama

IMMORTALS Movie Review
By: Rama

So what did Rama think of IMMORTALS? Can it hang with 300? Make to follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

If you’re big into Greek Mythology, you might wanna leave that knowledge in the car before you enter the theaters to go watch this movie because IMMORTALS is Greek mythology injected with 300 poison.
I’m not gonna lie to you, the film is stylized and the last 15 minutes are quite entertaining but it lacks the odd creativity that I admire about director Tarsem Singh (The Cell, The Fall)…

The brutal and bloodthirsty King Hyperion (Mickey Rourke) and his murderous Heraklion army are rampaging across Greece in search of the long lost Bow of Epirus. With the invincible Bow, the king will be able to overthrow the Gods of Olympus and become the undisputed master of his world. With ruthless efficiency, Hyperion and his legions destroy everything in their wake, and it seems nothing will stop the evil king’s mission.

As village after village is obliterated, a stonemason named Theseus (Henry Cavill) vows to avenge the death of his mother in one of Hyperion’s raids. When Theseus meets the Sybelline Oracle, Phaedra (Freida Pinto), her disturbing visions of the young man’s future convince her that he is the key to stopping the destruction. With her help, Theseus assembles a small band of followers and embraces his destiny in a final desperate battle for the future of humanity.

Immortals Press Junket Henry Cavill & Tarsem Singh. And Yes I Ask Him About Superman-

The visual, the CG is quite overwhelming, it practically shoves itself down your throat, not to mention the 3D FX. So if you’ve come for those elements, you will get what you pay for. But as I said earlier, it’s a shame that it’s not truly a Tarsem Singh presentation. I’m a big fan of The Cell and The Fall because it pushes our imagination to the limit, the visual on those movies are character driven and it’s so unique and full of surprises, you just never know what it might morph into. Whereas IMMORTALS is just a six pack abs – bullet time extravaganza.

I think Mickey Rourke does a fantastic job as the villain, King Hyperion. You can barely understand half of what Rourke says though because he mumbles through some of his sentences, but there’s not a sign of mercy on his face and his mannerism. His character kinda tells you a bit about his motivation, how the gods didn’t come for his wife’s rescue but he never really deals deeply into that, what you get is a man who has no problem killing anybody who pisses him off. His presence causes everyone to tremble and I think Rourke pulls that off quite nicely.
I can’t give the same compliment to the lead hero, Henry Cavill and the female lead, Freido Pinto, however.

I watch this movie to see about this new Superman, Henry Cavill, and I must admit, he does have the physique and the looks, no doubt about that but unfortunately he doesn’t exude charisma and perhaps the fault is at his character Theseus who I find to be too idealistic and weak, much like Worthington’s character in Clash Of The Titans.
I wouldn’t go into war with Theseus no matter how fiery his speeches are.
Pinto, as strikingly beautiful as she is, has one huge flaw and that is she can’t make you believe anything that she feels emotionally.

It doesn’t take a genius to follow the story either, which by the way has a significant amount of inconsistencies. Without spoiling too much, I think the story has trouble finding a clever way to have Hyperion get his hands on Epirus Bow, and the result is a very incompetent Hyperion, because he doesn’t know how many oracle virgins are there and doesn’t thoroughly search the villages he destroys.

I find it interesting that the gods rarely interfere with man’s business, there’s that constant theme of having faith in humanity so that humanity may have faith in the gods. But the costume and the helmets they wear look too ridiculous for me to take them seriously, how can I not laugh at the film’s making the titans run around rapidly like a bunch of cockroaches, the gods’ fighting style which seems to move faster than everyone else’s, on top of the fact that the gods look like supermodels, once again goes to how that this film is nothing but an abuse of CG and a sick pack abs – bullet time extravaganza.

IMMORTALS is basically the producers 300 not allowing Tarsem Singh be Tarsem Singh

GRADE: 2 out of 5

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