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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Inside the Bucket Podcast #72

This week's episode of Inside the Bucket is online! Revel in the digital mastery!
In a highly-contentious superhero throwdown, Inside the Bucket brings together Matt, Brandon, and SandwichJohn as they break down the best movie and television news from our website SANDWICHJOHNFILMS.COM with all the style of a bull and full of greasy attitude.

The show kicks off with our news segment, as the trio discuss several stories from the past week, including news on Josh Trank’s comments on Fantastic Four, Sony Pictures reveals film slate through 2017, Universal Pictures box office record, and the Red/Green Band Trailers for Deadpool. They discuss a very surprising weekend box office, as well as discuss three Blu-rays releasing this week.

And then things turn ugly. The boys break down their Rants and Raves as they bitch and complain about all the things they're watching, following, and are generally pissed off about from the past week. Matt also gives short reviews of Ricki and The Flash as well as Irrational Man. Then, they absolutely destroy The Fantastic Four. The podcast ends with Matt trying to end things, while Brandon and John clash on the value of Terminator: Genisys as compared to Fantastic Four. It's a great ending to things and fitting for the catastrophe of Trank's disaster.

We've also included links to our Fall Television Preview articles which we discussed last week. Please check them out below.

We encourage you to participate in mailbag, as well as our Open Forum Friday, which is your chance to get in our business about running a passion project like our trainwreck. Please email us at Comments@SandwichJohnFilms.com with any thoughts you have about our show.

Be warned: Inside the Bucket is an EXPLICIT PODCAST. We tend to say controversial things and cuss just for the heck of it. So, please be careful if you are listening to us while at work.

We hope you laugh as much as we do bringing the show to you. As always, thanks to everyone for your continued support, and we'll see you at one of our screenings.

Please make sure to check out our website SANDWICHJOHNFILMS.COM and make sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!

NEWS (2:52)
  • Did Fox ruin Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four?
  • Sony Pictures reveals film slate through 2017
  • Universal Pictures sets industry box office record
  • Red Band Trailer for Deadpool

  • BLU-RAY RELEASES - Hot Pursuit, Person of Interest: Season 4, Unfriended (23:27)

    Who won this week at the box office? (25:17)

    RANTS AND RAVES (31:05)
  • JOHN - Prison Break Limited Series Returning To Fox; Chris Farley As Shrek: Watch The Lost Story Reel; Star Wars The Complete Saga Limited Edition Steelbook Packaging
  • BRANDON - Elm Street Re-reboot; Bill Murray in Ghostbusters Reboot?
  • MATT - REVIEW: Ricki and the Flash; REVIEW: IRRATIONAL MAN; Hawkman to Join Arrow and The Flash before Moving to Legends of Tomorrow
  • MOVIE REVIEW: The Fantastic Four (1:08:59)

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