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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Should 'Mission: Impossible 6' Get a New Director?

We explain why this might be a good idea, and dole out some possible candidates.

Story by Matt Cummings

Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation is well on its way to box office success, enjoying one of the highest critic reviews of the summer at 93% (via Rotten Tomatoes). The news of its second weekend at number one is perhaps a clearer indication of its staying power over newer competition: moviegoers love Mission: Impossible. Therefore, it was with a feeling of certainty that Paramount last week announced that plans for Part 6 are already underway.

Under normal circumstances, it would be likely that everyone associated with a past hit be retained in order to guarantee that another hit happens. However, in the case of this franchise, it might not be necessary. Part of M:I's continued success lies in seeing a new director each time take the reins to make their own distinction, something current director Christopher McQuarrie acknowledges in recent interviews. Nothing can perhaps be more challenging than to see your star strapped to the side of an A400 flying hundreds of feet above the ground and then trying to top that, something which makes the most recent installment so memorable.

But such wild gambles have been Paramount's MO since Director Brian DePalma was succeeded by John Woo, resulting in a visual spectacle that is MI:II. This led to a relative newcomer JJ Abrams to slide into III, starting his career off with a memorable character story about Ethan Hunt's personal life. In fact, Paramount has given control to directors who've never directed live-action before, including Incredibles helmer Brad Bird. Ghost Protocol featured Cruise hanging from the side of the Burj Kalifa Hotel in Dubai, cementing his return as an action hero and paving the way for Bird's movement into live-action.

So, a movement towards another director is more than possible. The question is, who would be interested and who does Cruise have in mind? While this could be an article in itself, our short list might include Rian Johnson (Looper), Star Wars: Episode VIII), our favorite Joe Carnahan (The Grey), and Edge of Tomorrow director Doug Liman (who we think has a great chance to get it). Carnahan has already been in the mix of an MI film, as he was supposed to shoot M:I III, so that one might already be out. We also think outside candidates like Antoine Fuqua, Oblivion's Joseph Kosinski (another of our faves), and even Person of Interest's Jonathon Nolan would be uniquely qualified.

Regardless of who Cruise recruits, look for that person to start immediately: Paramount is hoping for a 2017/2018 release.

Did we miss anyone here? Who would you like to see direct Mission: Impossible 6? Join the discussion below!

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