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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Speedy Gonzales Movie Coming Soon

THR is reporting Eugenio Derbez will be voicing the racing rodent in the animated feature.

Speedy Gonzales may be racing to the big screen.

The Saturday morning cartoon mainstay will be getting the animated feature treatment via Warner Bros., where the project is currently in development.

Gonzales was a part of the Looney Toons roster, getting his first animated short in 1955 from Friz Freleng and Hawley Pratt which went on to win the Academy Award for best short subject. The racing rodent is frequently seen at odds with Sylvester the Cat, and is often pictured with an oversized sombrero and has a signature cry of "¡Ándale! ¡Ándale! ¡Arriba! ¡Arriba!"

Mexican filmmaker Eugenio Derbez is attached to voice the mouse, who was originally voiced by legendary Looney Toons voice talent Mel Blanc.

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