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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Poster For #Kingsman Sequel The Golden Circle

This month's issue of Empire features some exclusive glimpses at concept art for Kingsman sequel The Golden Circle and a chat with director Matthew Vaughn. He addressed the idea that Colin Firth's deceased agent and mentor Harry Hart wouldn't return, but the first poster for the film, tweeted by star Taron Egerton, would beg to differ. Or at least tease the idea...

Yes, while Vaughn could still all be leading us a merry chase (or should be checking his pant status as "on fire"), it's intriguing to think what this means for the new movie.

The new movie will definitely see the return of Egerton's former wide boy Eggsy and stalwart quartermaster Merlin (Mark Strong), with the addition of some new international flavour in the shape of American counterparts known as the Statesmen.

They'll be represented by swaggering cowboy-style character Jack (yet to be cast) and Halle Berry's Ginger. And they'll all need to work together to battle Julianne Moore's villain, a woman named Poppy.

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