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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Movie Review: #BrokenVows

There's a reason why this one went straight to DVD.

Review by Matt Cummings

The straight-to-video market has been around for decades, churning out low-budget/low-interest flicks that sometimes are good enough to make not want to shut it off. But in the case of Broken Vows, one is tempted early and often to turn this dud off.

When the fiancee Tara (Jaimie Alexander) makes a bad decision to sleep with the bartender Patrick (Wes Bentley), she soon finds her life spiraling out of control as Patrick becomes obsessed with her. Unaware that she's soon to marry Michael (Cam Gigandet), Patrick breaks into her home and turns his violent tendencies towards her. Faced with the prospect of violent ending, Tara must find the inner strength to right her ship before her stalker destroys losing her husband, friends, and even her life.

Broken Vows is tough to watch because its execution is straight-up television. Director Bram Coppens views his troupe as little more than eye candy, demanding very little of them throughout scenes and failing to engage the viewer with low-end sultriness. Alexander should be a rising star, but here she never locks in to her role, a problem that's followed her throughout the good - but not great - Blindspot. Bentley is textbook weirdo, once a dashing young man who suddenly falls into a psychotic rage when Tara rejects him. Truth be told, a woman who supposedly loves her man that much should have never slept with any guy other than her own. So in some ways, Tara brings this on herself. The ending doesn't make things any better and we're left to wonder how Writers Jim Agnew and Sean Keller could craft something so dull.

When a film isn't even given a proper Blu-ray release like Broken Vows, you know something is wrong. It's only available on DVD and Digital HD, but I wouldn't even consider a digital purchase on a lark. With so much great new television out there, you owe it to yourself to skip Broken Vows and spend your time on more meaningful pursuits.

Broken Vows is Rated R for disturbing violent content, language and some sexuality and has a runtime of 91 minutes.

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