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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Boyd Holbrook To Play Main Villain, Donald Pierce In Logan

The haul of new information and imagery about the new Wolverine film – which we now know to be titled Logan – is building by the day. Director James Mangold and his team have been adding cryptic pictures to the movie's Instagram account, with the latest revealing that Boyd Holbrook's villain in the film, pictured above, is Donald Pierce.

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In the Marvel comics where he's cropped up in X-Men and other stories, Pierce is a cyborg with ties to The Hellfire Club. He's also known for creating the cybernetic army known as the Reavers (which may or may not crop up in Logan). While there's every chance that elements of his backstory will be shifted and twisted for the movie, it's at least more of a clue as to what, or who might be causing problems for Hugh Jackman's main man.

Other images have been a little less info-packed, but no less effective, including the gruesome remains of what happens when someone – we assume – brings a gun to an Adamantium claw fight.

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