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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Julia Roberts Cast In Fool Me Once

It's a busy time for Julia Roberts in her producer/star capacity. She's already got based-on-reality crime story Train Man in development and is adding to her potential To Do list with Fool Me Once.

This one is firmly back in fictional thriller territory, adapting Harlan Coben's recent book (so recent, it hit shelves last week) via her Red Om Films company. The story focuses on a former special ops pilot named Maya (Roberts, if she does decide to star) who is horrified when she sees her two-year-old daughter playing with her husband Joe in the nanny cam while she's at work. The reason she's so shocked? Joe was horribly murdered two weeks earlier. Cue this!

That's all the details that Variety had to share on the project so far, as it's yet to pick up a writer, director or other cast. In more solid Roberts projects, she'll be seen in Jodie Foster's Money Monster (which just put out a new poster, and hits UK screens on May 27) and Garry Marshall's Mother's Day, which arrives on June 10.

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