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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Movie Review: #COPCAR The Coen Bros. Would Be Flattered

The Coen bros. would be flattered

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What a marvelous first rate thriller and it has Coen Brothers vibe to it. Intense and smartly written. It’s interesting to see two innocent young kids in the middle of all this chaos where the adults are trying cover their asses and just edging to blow each other brains out.

Directed by Jon Watts whose next assignment is to bring us a brand new Spider-Man movie, this Sundance hit stars Kevin Bacon as a dirty corrupt small town sheriff. Trust me when I say you do not want to mess with the Kevin Bacon in “Cop Car,” because Bacon’s Sheriff Kretzer has no problem shutting you up if it means him getting away with murder. When a pair of ten-year olds find an abandoned cop car in a field, they take it for a joyride, they’re just innocent kids imagining like they’re some kind of race car drivers in the middle of nowhere. But what they don’t know is that that cop car holds a secret that would soon hold them captive. These kids find themselves in the middle of deadly game and they’re about to witness it firsthand.

Scribes Jon Watts and Christopher D. Ford consistently gives you that uneasy feeling with “Cop Car,” mostly about these two kids, because they don’t know how to properly use a gun but the image of them just holding those guns would scare you, I don’t want to say that this movie has a gun control policy agenda but it does make you think twice where you would hide your weapon away from your kids if you happen to be a gun-owner. Just putting these kids in between crossfires, “Cop Car” knows how to keep you tensed from start to finish. And I gotta give credit to the two child actors, James Freedson-Jackson and Hays Wellford who both did a wonderful job of just being themselves, being two naive kids. And the movie wants to maintain that, the movie wants that despite everything that’s happening around these kids, that naiveness, their child qualities remain intact. The legendary Kevin Bacon with his mustache and haircut and small town accent, he just knows the rights words to say. He looks like an evil Wyatt Earp. He’s cunning, he’s resourceful. The adults are like in some kind of lawless western duel and the kids are in fear. As I said earlier, this film really has that Coen Brothers’ vibe to it, the script well-places the comedy and the thriller aspects of it, the pacing is just right. And it’s fascinating that the cop car itself remains involved throughout the whole ordeal, it really does live up to the film’s title.

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