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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Will Dwayne Johnson Be The Wolf Man?

There have been no effusive posts on his social media accounts, which tends to be how the world receives information about Dwayne Johnson these days, so we're counting this one as a rumour for now. Indeed, that's how Deadline couches it: rumors are that Universal is considering making Johnson the Wolf Man of its new monsters shared cinematic universe.

Mention of Johnson's potentially lupine status was buried in a story about him producing a new comic book adaptation, but more on that in a moment. As for the Wolf Man, the team behind the new monsters films (including Alex Kurtzman and Fast & Furious man Chris Morgan) have been reaching out to big names to star in their films about classic characters, including Tom Cruise (who has been busy meeting The Mummy) and Johnny Depp (on to play the Invisible Man). So Johnson's hardly unsurprising given his current box office appeal, even if it's hard to picture him as hirsute (that rat-tail beard he's sporting as Hobbs in Fast 8 doesn't cut it), and how do you convincingly transform a man who already looks like he's changed into a beast, at least in terms of his muscularity? We'll have to see if this one ever becomes something more than a name on a studio wish list or a fun idea to speculate about.

As for the graphic novel, it's Son Of Shaolin, created by Jay Longino. The title has yet to be published, but apparently concerns a blend of Shaolin mythology with a modern-day story of teenagers growing up in a gentrifying neighbourhood. Sony has snapped up the rights with Longino writing the script and and Johnson is aboard to produce with his Seven Bucks Productions company. He's reportedly not considering making an appearance in any eventual film, but don't rule it out yet.

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