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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Elizabeth Banks As Rita Repulsa

It’s time for Elizabeth Banks to conquer Earth — as Rita Repulsa, that is.

The actress stars as the iconic monster-unleashing villain in the upcoming reboot of the small-screen franchise about five teens with attitude and abilities to round up alien menaces. Unlike her ’90s-era counterpart, Banks’ Rita sports lighter, sleeker headgear, including gold accents and a green rope entwined around her ponytail. “It’s definitely a modern and edgy re-imagining of the original Rita Repulsa,” Banks tells PEOPLE. “We wanted to give her a backstory that connects her to the new Rangers.”

Even better: Banks gets to flex her evil-doing muscles in the role. What’s she most looking forward to? “Obviously, first, world domination,” she tells PEOPLE. “I’ve never played a villain before, let alone an alien warrior.”

Power Rangers morphs into theaters March 24, 2017.

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