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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Exclusive Interview With Lochlyn Munro For His Upcoming Film #DeathValley

I got a chance to talk to Lochlyn Munro about his upcoming film Death Valley. And we also talked about how it was working with TJ Scott and more.


Exclusive Interview With Director TJ Scott -

Who do you play? What makes him tick?

I play the role of Billy Rich. he is a guy who has been caught up in the Hollywood scene for too long and is starting to believe all of his own B.S. He is fighting his own demons and has succumbed to the pressures of power and greed.

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The film has got a lot of attention from online media in recent months; is the internet a saving grace when it comes to smaller films?

I think the internet has definitely become a great platform for smaller budget films. Everyone tends to watch all sorts of entertainment platforms on all sorts of devices, so it’s really leveled the playing field for independent films.

What do you think audiences will take away from the movie?

I hope the audiences coming away from the film feeling that they really took a journey with the characters and their story lines.

How was it working with T.J Scott?

Working with TJ is always an amazing experience. Not only does he have an amazing creative eye, he really understands story and character development. He allows you room to create your character and always has very intuitive ideas to help you along your journey.

You star in the movie The Unspoken which is about trying to get to an anime convention. Have you event attend any kind of conventions?

Yes, I try to attend as many conventions as I can, as I really enjoy the movie “buffs” that come out in droves. They really are people who invest themselves in story and character.

What can we expect from you in the future? Any projects you wanna let us know your working on?

Along with the release of Death valley this month, I also have a thriller cop drama called Badge Of Honor which I did with Mena Suvari and Martin Sheen. Very edgy and very dark.

What song is in heavy rotation in your car?

U2 is always in heavy rotation in my vehicle. “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For”.

Last movie you saw and what did you think of it?

Last film I saw was Mad Max and I absolutely loved it. Very creative and visually stunning


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