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Friday, June 1, 2012



Would RAMA go back into the water after watching this movie?

I give this movie a relatively high rating ONLY because it does what it’s supposed to do. We expect it to be bad and it’s pretty bad, we expect it to be funny and it’s outrageously funny, we expect it to be a dumb guilty pleasure flick filled with blood, breasts, and Ving Rhames’s shotgun leg, and it’s got all those and so much more, it doesn’t deviate from what it promises itself to be and that makes PIRANHA 3DD ridiculously, infectiously, undeniably fun. Bite this!..

After the events at Lake Victoria, the pre-historic school of blood-thirsty piranhas make their way into a newly opened waterpark.

The intro scene for this sequel is just as awesome as the intro for the previous installment, although that can be argued. Richard Dreyfuss’ Hooper-esque character vs. crazy Gary Busey messing with a dead cow in the water. To some, the jury may still be out, but to me, I say there’s a certain disturbing satisfaction that comes with watching Busey meet his maker by way of Piranhas because that dude scares me. Ha!

Ever since this sequel was announced, just from the title alone, everybody knew that Dimension Films would not only use the 3D shots once again to get that effect of things jumpin’ out of the screen and into your face but the title also suggests that this sequel would feature more female nudity than the previous installment and boy did it do just that or what?! Bigger fake breasts, full frontal and all. This is the perfect film for teenagers with raging hormones.

The waterpark in PIRANHA 3DD is run by David Koechner who plays the type of character he’s always good at playing, a douche who’s all about hot babes and profit.
His step daughter is Danielle Panabaker, an actress who oddly enough often finds herself in horror movies (Friday The 13th remake, The Crazies remake), she and another nerd character who has a crush on her, are pretty much the two decent ones out of the bunch, the rest are knee deep in party and sex.

But the highlights are Ving Rhames who returns and is now packin’ shotgun for a leg and the legendary David Hassellhoff who thinks he’s all that, but he does get to live up to his Mitch Buchanan of Batywatch days.

The humor in PIRANHA 3DD works because the whole concept and the star cameos are just so damn ridiculous, there’s no way you could resist laughing. Even the violence is so over the top, you’d close your eyes out of disgust, and yet you can’t help but crack up at the same time. The piranhas in this film go through and come out of all kindis of orifices, some of the scenes will leave you shocked. And once the terror comes, it just keeps on coming, forget about story or substance, because from that point on, it’s every man for himself. Watching PIRANHA 3DD is like riding a roller coaster but you don’t quite know exactly what you’ve signed up for. So just hold on tight and put your arms up. PIRANHA 3DD is the perfect blend of horror and comedy.

GRADE: 4 out of 5

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