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Sunday, April 15, 2012



Would RAMA go and save the president's daughter?

There’s nothing new about the concept, even though they describe it as Escape From New York in space. And to be honest, this is actually a pretty mindless action/thriller but it’s another work by producer Luc Besson who in recent years has helped bring his proteges’ films to the big screen, Taken, From Paris With Love, and now, LOCKOUT, these aren’t the most well-structured, well thought out films out there but they’re sure as hell entertaining. LOCKOUT is a essentially a popcorn flick, if you expect something more, then unfortunately that’s something that the movie can neither promise nor deliver and yes, in this case, it’s the movie’s fault…

LOCKOUT Interview Part 1 With Maggie Grace-

Guy Pearce’s character, Snow, in this film is pretty much a combo of John McLane and Tony Stark without the money. Wisecrackin’ smartmouth attitude with enough sarcasm to spare for the next century. I’m sure to some of us, that type of character gets old and it doesn’t work if the actor doesn’t play it right, but I think Pearce does a fantastic job. Pearce is both the unlikely hero and the comic relief.

The damsel in distress is played by Maggie Grace, who as the daughter’s president on a humanitarian mission, finds herself conflicted because she believes in the right thing to do, but what if that right thing to do can kill her, literally, whatever secret experiment that the government may have conducted on those prisoners, is it really worth losing her life over?!

The problem with LOCKOUT is that it has all the right potential elements as far as story and visuals are concerned but it’s only clever up to a certain point, it’s only intriguing up to a certain point and then it’s as if the movie cops out and finds easy escape routes and a quick ending and all of them go faster than we can say ‘whoa! back up there for a minute, what just happened?!’

The plot has more holes than Gary Busey’s brain.
Vincent Regan and Joseph Gilgun are excellent as the two big baddies in this film but even they are not put to their best use.

I think if the writers invest just as much time into constructing the story as they did crafting the humor, LOCKOUT would be a halfway decent film.

GRADE: 3 out of 5

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