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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Evil Dead Remake On The Way

Stay tune to this I have an interview set up at Comic-Con with  Bruce Campbell and I will get to the bottom of this.

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When it comes to anything regarding the next Evil Dead flick, there's been so much said that we never know just what is or is not concrete anymore. However, an interesting and solid little tidbit has fallen right into our laps.

Dread Central has it on good authority from a very reliable source that long-time Sam Raimi editor Bob Murawski (Army of Darkness; Spider-man, Drag me to Hell) has packed up and headed out to Detroit to begin work on the long talked about fourth entry into the Evil Dead franchise, which will be "a small indie thing like the first two."

Good people. My tweet was about remaking Evil Dead - not Evil Dead 4.

According to Bruce Campbell's official website, BruceCampbell.com, Bruce officially joined Twitter over the weekend (follow @GroovyBruce). On his Twitter site Bruce was questioned by a fan who stated, "I won't believe in a new Evil Dead film until I see it. Or at least not until @GroovyBruce tells me to believe in it," to which Campbell responded, "Believe in the remake, dawg! The project is real. In the works. Cool as hell. Scary as hell." More as it comes.

Update 2
A director had been named. Following up on our story, Bloody Disgusting has learned that Fede Alvarez (Federico Alvarez) is directing this quasi-remake that is currently in production in Detroit for Ghost House and Mandate Pictures.

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