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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Rio Movie Review By: Beevers

Rio Movie Review
By: Beevers

Rio starts with a baby Blue Macaw watching, from his nest, the other birds of the rain forest dancing, singing, and flying. Just as he is about to try to fly from his nest he sees smugglers catching the other birds and he finds himself caught and stuffed into a cage. Next we see a truck with exotic animals driving through Minnesota and a crate falls out the back. Lucky for this baby bird he is found by a sweet little girl named Linda (Leslie Mann). Linda and Blu (Jesse Eisenberg) are inseparable for the next 15 years, where we see a great photo montage of them growing up together, which reminded me of Up.

Then Linda and Blu are visited by an scientist from Brazil who tells them that Blu is the last known male of his species and that he has a female for Blu to breed with. Linda and Blu soon find themselves in Rio de Janeiro where Blu meets Jewel (Anne Hathaway) the female Blue Macaw. Jewel doesn't really want anything to do with Blu, she has other things on her mind. See Jewel is a wild bird and only wants to escape and be free again. They are captured by smugglers and begin their grand adventure through Rio during Carnival. Through much of the movie they are chained together with makes things very interesting since Blu doesn't know how to fly.

There are great voice appearances by Jamie Foxx as Nico, a canary with a great bottle cap hat and his buddy a red-crest cardinal named Pedro voiced by will.i.am. George Lopez voices Rafael, a tucan with a big family (16 chicks & a 17th on the way). Tracy Morgan voices Luiz, a bulldog with a slobbering problem.

This movie was visually very spectacular. Rio was beautiful, as were the scenes of Carnivale. The music and dancing was great. My 5 year old was dancing in her seat throughout the movie. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. It had a predicable ending, but that is what you really want in a movie like this. A great movie for the whole family.

7 Sandwiches out of 10

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