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Taron Egerton Is Playing Elton John In Biopic 'Rocketman'

INCEPTION Review by Windy City Gal


Inception,” directed by Christopher Nolan (“The Dark Night”) and starring Leonardo DiCaprio (“Shutter Island), Joseph Gordon-Levitt (“500 Days of Summer) and Ellen Page (“Juno”) is a trippy, futuristic story where people have the ability to insert themselves into people’s dreams to extract or add information.

Cobb (DiCaprio), a skilled extractor who is desperate to get home to his children, takes on one last job that will free him from the fugitive lifestyle he’s earned as a dream-thief. However, this job requires inception, or adding information to one’s mind - the most dangerous and tricky skill in dream invasion.

To complete this task, DiCaprio works with a dream architect (Page) to develop the perfect setting for inception and joins forces with his usual cohort (Gordon-Levitt), a chemist and other invaluable team members.

The inception takes the team on an around-the-world journey, both in life and in dreams, full of death, risk and rotating rooms. Though inception itself is difficult, it becomes even riskier when Ariadne (Page) learns Cobb has deep-rooted, dangerous dreams that follow him on his jobs.

Though the effects and dialogue are captivating, there is one glaring issue with the film. The subject of inception, Robert Fischer Jr. (Cillian Murphy), has been trained to avoid dream thieves, but still believes the farce Cobb and his team present to him all too easily. Was this a fault of the writing, the plot, or the acting? I am not sure, but it fell out of step with the believability of the other characters.

Overall, Nolan creates a mind-boggling, eye-gripping version of what dreams might look like to an open human eye and writes dialogue that perfectly explains to an audience a very complicated topic.

In the end, Inception is a revolutionary film along the lines of The Matrix. Cutting edge special effects and storyline make Inception definitely worth a viewing. Make sure you have a LARGE screen.

8 ½ sandwiches out of 10
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Jennifer said…
Are you sure you watched the movie? I just got back from it, and your review is so poor, with botched and incorrect facts, I don't actually think you saw the film. If you did, wow.
Windy City Gal said…
Hi Jennifer,

May I ask which facts are botched or incorrect?

Anonymous said…
I don't even think you saw the movie. Yea I'm calling you on it!
Windy City Gal said…
Hi All,

Jennifer and I have spoken off line.

@Anon 11:26, disagreeing with a review doesn't mean that someone didn't see a movie. It means they have a different opinion of the film than you.
Hey we all have our own opinion And Windy is one of the best.

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