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Exclusive Zachary Levi From NBC Chuck Interview.

Exclusive Zachary Levi From NBC Chuck Interview.
By:John Meneghetti.

I was lucky enough to get a short exclusive with Zachary Levi the star of one my wife’s favorite shows “Chuck” during an autograph signing on Saturday at Comic Con.

Q: Were you nervous about Chuck getting renewed for a 3rd season?

A: I was cautiously optimistic. We have the greatest fans in the world and they did a great job letting the studio know that Chuck needed to be renewed. The subway sandwich campaign was Awesome!
Video of the Finale & Footlong campaign

Q: I know that you are a gaming/Comic Con fan. Were you able to go the Tron panel on Thursday or to Flynn’s Arcade ?

A: No, I wasn’t.

Q: I have a Flynn’s Arcade Coin for you…

A: Oh wow, thanks a lot. I am going to put this right in my pocket!

I also talked to him about my wife and how much she likes him but I won’t go into that since she will kill me. The one question that I forgot to ask is what is his favorite sandwich but don’t worry I was able to do a little research and it turns out it is a Turkey Breast on wheat with all the fixings from Subway of course.

I have to say that Zachary Levi is one of the coolest actors out there and definitely someone that I would just like to go hang out and have a beer with.


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