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Friday, June 23, 2017

Neve Campbell Joins Dwayne Johnson In Skyscraper

Having spent the last couple of years navigating the thorny politics of House Of Cards, Neve Campbell is clearly ready for some more straightforward action. She's now willing to risk life and limb (on screen at least), as she's joining Dwayne Johnson in action thriller Skyscraper.

The new movie reunites The Rock with his Central Intelligence director Rawson Marshall Thurber. Johnson is playing a former FBI hostage rescue team commander (and war veteran, just in case his heroic credentials were in any doubt) who has segued into advising on security for giant skyscrapers. While on assignment in China, he discovers that one of the towering buildings – seen as the tallest, yet safest building in the world – is suddenly an inferno and someone is framing him for the fire. Now on the run, he has to clear his name, track down the real culprit and rescue his family, who are trapped inside. And, one presumes, stop Tom Cruise climbing it.

Deadline's story doesn't specify Campbell's role, but she's on to co-star in the thriller, which will start shooting in August.

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