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Movie Review: #TheWallMovie The Film Is Gripping & Intense

An effective thriller

Rama is back.

The best way to describe “The Wall” is that it reminds us of 2002’s “Phone Booth” starring Colin Farrell and 2010’s “Buried” starring Ryan Reynolds. All of these movies are essentially stories of a predator toying with their food or prey. Our flawed protagonist pinned down while a highly skilled murderer speaks from the other end of the phone line messing with his head. It’s like a mind game between Hannibal Lecter and Clarice Starling all over again. “The Wall” is gripping and intense.

Directed by Doug Liman, “The Wall” stars Aaron Taylor-Johnson and WWE star John Cena as two soldiers investigating the deaths of pipeline contractors when all of a sudden they become sitting targets of a lethally accurate sniper.

Dwain Worrell wrote the script which made it to the black list (great unproduced screenplays) and I can understand why because Worrell pretty much has come up with a story that’s quite nail-biting. And the fact that the sniper is clever as a fox makes it almost impossible for Aaron and Cena’s characters to get the upper hand. Doug Liman who gave us such thrillers as “The Bourne Identity” and “Edge of Tomorrow” managed to apply the same principles to a smaller scale like this since “The Wall” basically only has one location. The tension keeps humming. And Aaron Taylor-John who to this day I still think should've received Oscar nod for "Nocturnal Animals," goes to prove once more with his performance in "The Wall" that he's a phenomenal actor.

If people consider this to be an apolitical war movie, I’d have to disagree because during the conversation between Aaron’s character and the lethal sniper, clearly screenwriter Dwain Worrell has his own set of philosophies or his own point of view about the war on terror which in and of itself is political. Be that as it may, as a thriller that keeps you on your toes, “The Wall” is very effective, maybe not quite so unique obviously, but very effective.

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