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Thursday, March 23, 2017

BELOW HER MOUTH Trailer Opens April 28th

In BELOW HER MOUTH, Jasmine (Natalie Krill) is a successful fashion editor living with her fiancé, Rile (Sebastian Pigott). On a night out in the city with her best friend, she meets Dallas (Erika Linder), a roofer recently out of a relationship. Surprised by the confidence with which Dallas pursues her, Jasmine turns Dallas down – but can’t get her out of her head. When Jasmine finally succumbs, the two women embark on a steamy affair that forces them both to reevaluate their lives.

Written, directed, starring, shot, and crewed entirely by women.
Awarded an "F Rating" by IMDb for its portrayal of and creation by women.

Watch the trailer after the Jump...

April Mullen’s BELOW HER MOUTH Will Be Released Theatrically and On Demand, April 28th By Gunpowder and Sky Distribution.

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