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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

#CARDOGS Trailer Starring @NiaVardalos @GeorgeLopez @CoryHardrict @MrJoshHopkins

With everything to gain, and even more to lose, Mark (Patrick J. Adams) and his brazen sales team have just eight hours to sell more cars than have ever been sold in a single day. Leading the pack is sales vet, Christian (George Lopez). He’s slick, fast talking, and conniving; able to get customers to both open their wallets and part with their better judgement. Hot on his heels is Sharon (Nia Vardalos). She’s smart and savvy, outmaneuvering the competition with her wit and charm. As the clock ticks down, their outrageous tactics step up, with each salesperson ready to do whatever it takes to be top “car dog.” But for Mark, the stakes are much more than just a paycheck.

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