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Monday, September 19, 2016

Movie Review: BRIDGET JONES'S BABY Bridget Jones Delivers

Bridget Jones delivers 

Rama is back with another review.

YES! Bridget Jones delivers (see what I did there) once more!

Keeping true to its predecessors, Bridget Jones gives us new aspirations for a perfect love story. Its recipe of romance mixed with a touch of vulgarity, proves modern with all the gushy feelings of a classic! McDreamy and Darcy, festivals, flowers, and f bombs: It’s both outrageous and entirely relatable.

Emma Thompsons dead-pan OBG-YN portrayal is a welcomed fresh new character. Is there anything this woman cannot play? No. The minimalistic approach proves perfect. I mean, when playing a vagina doctor, really, just let the reality of womanhood do the work. It’s already simultaneously depressing and hilarious. Thompson shines with every monotone line!

Perhaps the only set back would be Dempsey as Jack. Not that Dr. Shepherd is necessarily bad, it just didn’t feel as natural. Even so, he still more than managed to add laughter and chaos.

The story has been told before; A middle aged woman struggling with the nuances of normality, weight gain, and alcoholism (Rosé all day), is thrown some sort of curveball: this time it’s a baby. However, director Sharon Maguire manages to make it feel like new. Just when you think, “Yawn, 2 men and baby… psshh… insert eye roll please,” somehow you find yourself crying in laughter at the brilliant slapstick madness. And while it might end in predictable, cheesy-centered happiness, it’s the kind that cynical audiences like us need from time to time.

It’s fun, fantastic, and simply well done. Brava! Bravo!

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