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Monday, September 26, 2016

MacGruber 2 Is In The Works

It's been a while since we've heard much of anything about a potential sequel to spoof action movie MacGruber. Still, director/co-writer Jorma Taccone and star/co-writer Will Forte keep insisting they're working on it. Taccone has just posted to Twitter that fresh work on the script is underway.

MacGruber, which was spawned from the pair's Saturday Night Live parody of TV series MacGyver was a flop back in 2010, earning some terrible reviews. But it has, like movies such as Anchorman, gone on to cult status on home entertainment formats. Hence the renewed attempt to get a sequel into the world.

While there is seemingly no company on board to make the thing yet (at least the options have expanded thanks to streaming companies since the movie opened), the pair – plus presumably co-writer John Solomon – is pressing ahead. The new movement has no doubt been sparked by Forte finding more time in between working on TV comedy The Last Man On Earth and the appearence of the MacGyver reboot series.

Jorma Taccone's tweet about writing the MacGruber sequel

“There is a possibility of starting it in a way that you would never ever start an action movie," Forte said last October. "We have this idea for a cold open, which we just don’t know if we have the balls to do. And we’ve done some crazy stuff. This is just like, ‘Do we really want to do this? Is this how we want to start out the movie?’ It’s pretty gnarly... But we might just have to do it.”

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