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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

What's Going On With Rogue One? Who's Really In Control

Though we learned back in June that Rogue One: A Star Wars Story would be undergoing some re-shoots, Disney and Lucasfilm have kept largely quiet about the extent of filmmaker Tony Gilroy's involvement, but according to The Hollywood Reporter's sources, he's had more to do than we all thought.

Director Gareth Edwards was the main man behind the camera for the main shoot and is still heavily involved with the movie, but Gilroy has reportedly been given more input into the editing process, having been present for the re-shoots.

Yet from the sounds of it, this is not Gilroy being parachuted in to take over control of the film; he's simply working alongside Edwards, as he did on Godzilla, to hone its final form. "There are not two separate editing rooms; they are all in there with their ideas," says one source. "Tony's a strong force, but they're all working together."

The new footage is apparently tackling whatever issues Edwards and his team identified with the movie after the initial shoot, and the report mentions the ending as a big factor.

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