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Monday, June 6, 2016

Cate Blanchett Joins Sandra Bullock In An All Female Ocean's Eleven Film

Developing quietly in the least year or so, a plan for an all-female Ocean's Eleven-style heist movie has been bubbling away, with originator (and Hunger Games director) Gary Ross roping in Steven Soderbergh as a producer and Sandra Bullock signing on to star. Add a potential new name to the list, as The Playlist reports that Cate Blanchett is circling one of the other leads.

Olivia Milch is currently credited as the writer for a film that would use the basic Ocean's concept of thieves pulling off a heist, but isn't planned as a direct remake of the film. So while Bullock and (if she signs on) Blanchett would be playing similar friends to George Clooney and Brad Pitt in the movies, they're not just gender-swapped photocopies. Ross has also sounded out Jennifer Lawrence as a possible addition, though it's looking like the schedule – with the film aiming to shoot later this year – won't work for her even if she were interested.

Ross is in the director's chair, with Soderbergh as a producer alongside Greg Jacobs and Susan Ekins, who was the partner of the late Jerry Weintraub, the power producer who wrangled the modern-day Ocean's films together.

Blanchett is on board Marvel's Thor: Ragnarok as the villain, Hela. The film will be out on October 27 next year.

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